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About Lifestyle Brands Media

Lifestyle Brands Media has been a country leader and expert on PR, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization since 2018. They have helped share over hundreds of stories on brands, entrepreneurs, and public figures. Lifestyle Brands Media has helped many clients with their Public Relations and getting their clients published on credible publications such as Fox, CBS, Yahoo, and more. We have also helped hundreds of local and global companies with their digital marketing strategies and branding. Lifestyle Brands Media offers a wide range of services while appealing to their diverse client base which includes, world class entrepreneurs, celebrities, businesses and public figures.

Los Scott

Carlos Scott, CEO 

How would your life be different if Jeff Bezos was your business mentor, Warren Buffet was your investment advisor, and Nelson Mandela was your therapist? 


Having mentors is one of the greatest predictors of success. It is extremely important to your path of success. Carlos grew up in an environment where there was much adversity, much crime, and not many successful people. 


Carlos knew that finding a mentor would help him avoid the many trials and errors that life offered. He began seeking out more mentors and began to read hundreds of books that would help him improve the four major pillars of life: Health, wealth, love and happiness. 


Over the years, Carlos applied all of the knowledge that he acquired from his many mentors and books which has allowed him to manifest ideal businesses, friendships, and an ideal life. 


Carlos is a recognized authority when it comes to Marketing Strategy and PR. Carlos has been featured and recognized in top publications such as Yahoo! Finance "Top Entrepreneurs That Inspire Us In 2020!" He has assisted several businesses grow their brand tremendously while helping them gain exponential growth in revenues with his innovative strategies.


Timothee Gordon, National Account Manager 

Timothee is a business strategist, speaker, community leader, and educator. His experience is in interactive digital and social media marketing techniques, strategy in digital marketing, media and public relations. His experience has helped lead him to the path of educating and motivating others, as well as how to engage with their community.


Norman Westberry, National Account Manager

Norman Westberry III likes to build long lasting relationships with his clients. He is passionate about educating and helping companies and brands grow the bottom line with branding, digital marketing, media and public relations. With the help of mentors, like minded friends, and family, Norman channeled his sadness and hurt into motivation to creating a life he has always envisioned professionally and within his community. He lost his father at a young age,  which he continues to holds close to his heart forever.  Norman continues to find inspiration from the many different brands that he works with. 

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