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Ad Campaigns For National Moving Company

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Prior to our Paid Social Media services, this moving company wanted to increase their website traffic and social media presence. At the time, they signed to our Paid Social package to help getting traffic to their website and conversions with their social media. 

Our strategy was to develop two ad campaigns for them. We conducted thorough market research and began to build and target a custom audience. 

The results was that their website generated over 60,000 visitors to their website. They also converted hundreds of those visits into confirmed sales. 

Real Estate Ad Campaigns

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Prior to working with us, the property manager reached out to me regarding getting new leads from paid social campaigns. 


Our strategy was to create six different ad sets targeting a different demographic in each campaign. We conducted market research and compiled the ads.


The results for the campaigns running have generated an upward of 50 leads in a week with an average of $2.33 each. The information collected to be considered a lead was the full name, email, and phone numbers. 

Dental Clinic Google ads management 

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Prior to working with us, this dental clinic was struggling with their Google Ad campaigns. Their cost per click was tremendously high and they wanted to fix the problem. They reached out to me to help with their Google Management and to help generate ore traffic and conversions. 

Our strategy was to conduct extensive keyword research for their niche and competitor research. After that was done, we created a few ad sets targeted towards those hot keywords. 

The results for the campaigns was that their average cost per click dropped tremendously, they received almost 30,000 impressions in one week, and the conversions were high. They were able to see a positive return to their ROI. 

E-commerce paid social campaign

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Informational video content 

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